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Chrome Bollards Hire
  • Chrome Bollards Hire
  • A red carpet with chrome bollards and red ropes.
  • A red carpet leading into a building, flanked by sleek chrome bollards.
  • A red carpet leading up to a doorway, with chrome bollards hire adding an elegant touch.
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Chrome Bollards Hire


Width32cm at base
Depth32cm at base
DescriptionA touch of class to the entry of your event or product
UsageOur Chrome Bollards hire is used for entryways, parties, launches, looks great with red carpet
AvailabilityOur Chrome Bollards is available to hire in Sydney & Melbourne

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Our Chrome Bollard hire is the perfect the addition to any upscale event or sophisticated venue. These striking Chrome Bollards offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your event or venue is both safe and stylish.

The Chrome Bollard hire are great for making that grand statement for your new store or restaurant opening, product launch or a VIP event. With the rich gold finish, they add a touch of luxury and glamour to any setting, elevating the overall ambiance and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Our Chrome bollards Sydney & Melbourne are available to hire can be combined with our red velvet ropes and red carpet to line your entrance way.

Whether you're hosting a red-carpet event, a high-end gala, or a prestigious corporate function, these Chrome Bollards are the perfect choice for guiding and directing guests while enhancing the visual appeal of your space. They are easy to install and can be customised to fit any space or layout, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look.

Give us a call today at Party Hire Group on 1300 33 99 81 and we can organise the delivery of the chrome bollards hire to your special event, so you can ensure that they have arrived prior to your special event starting.