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Glow Bottle Shelf Display Hire
  • Glow Bottle Shelf Display Hire
  • A hireable glow bottle shelf display with a vibrant purple light.
  • A yellow LED shelf with a black background, perfect for showcasing products in a mesmerizing display.
  • A blue LED bar with a mesmerizing blue light on it, perfect for creating an enchanting vibe at any event.
  • A bar with a stunning display of glowing liquor bottles on a shelf.

Glow Bottle Shelf Display Hire


DescriptionDisplay your drinks in style and make your drinks stand out
UsageFor placing wine, beer or non-alcoholic drinks
AvailabilityOur glow bottle shelf display is available to hire in Sydney

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Planning an 18th glow party or a cocktail event in Sydney? Why not add this Glow Bottle Shelf Display Hire to your glow themed event today! It is a great way to display your beverages such as beers, wines and spirits. You get 16 different colours to choose from and 3 modes like fade, strobe or fixed colours. Your guests will be in awe with the attention to detail your event space with the addition of this display shelf. It comes pre-charged and can last 6-8 hours.