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Glow Corner Bar Piece Hire
  • Glow Corner Bar Piece Hire
  • A vibrant glow bar centerpiece in the middle of a room.
  • A vibrant Glow Corner with colorful furniture and a table.
  • A vibrant Glow Corner with colorful lights and comfortable stools.
  • A large tent with a bar in the middle of it, featuring a dazzling Glow Corner Bar.
  • A vibrant Glow Corner Bar set up in a tent with mesmerizing blue lights.
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Glow Corner Bar Piece Hire


Height90cm to bench, 110cm to top
DescriptionOur Glow Corner Bar Piece Hire is designed join onto other glow bars
UsageOur Glow Corner Bar Piece can be combined with our other glow bars to create a semi-circle bar or add to end of straight bars for shape
AvailabilityOur Glow Corner Bar Piece is available to hire in Sydney & Melbourne

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Our Glow Corner Bar Piece hire is an illuminated glow in the dark, battery-operated corner piece which is specifically designed to be combined with our Glow Straight Bar to allow for additional length or add a 90-degree bend allowing you to maximise your bar space and configure to any custom arrangement to suit your space accordingly however if required this Corner Bar piece can also be used as a stand-alone bar.

The Glow Corner bar piece hire is great to join at the ends of either a straight bar to section off the bar so it creates a semi-circle shape or to extend the bar, alternatively did you know that if you have limited space and still need a bar in a small corner you can join two corner bars to create one bar section?

Each Glow corner bar piece stands at 90cm high to the bench, 110cm to counter top, and 110cm wide and 68cm deep so there is plenty of space for your bartender to make and serve drinks.

All glow furniture is battery powered, so there is no need to run lengthy power leads. The batteries last up to approximately 6-8 hours. Each glow piece is operated by a remote control which has multiple settings of colour control and style. Our glow furniture is easy to operate and light weight to carry.

The Glow Corner Bar Piece comes fully charged prior to delivery for you to enjoy.

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