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Glow Numbers Hire
  • Glow Numbers Hire
  • The glowing numbers 2019 are lit up in different colors.
  • The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge glow in the background.
  • A black and gold balloon arch with the number 40 for a Glow Numbers Hire event.
  • Fwc - fwc - fwc - fwc - fwc - Glow.
  • The number 70 is glowing on a stage in front of a curtain.
  • A black and gold balloon arch with a number 40 on it, available for Glow Numbers Hire.
  • A brightly lit birthday party with colorful balloons and stools, featuring a glow numbers hire for a truly memorable celebration.
  • A blue balloon arch with a number 18 glowing on it.
  • Glow Numbers video splash image

Glow Numbers Hire


WidthVaries depending on number
Price$100.00 per number
DescriptionLarge free standing (80cm) wireless 0-9 glowing numbers to hire
UsageOur Glow Numbers Hire is commonly used for milestone birthdays and anniversaries
AvailabilityOur Glow Numbers is available to hire in Sydney

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Make a statement at your next event with our Glow Numbers Hire. Our Glow Numbers are available from 0-9, allowing you to make combinations as we keep multiple copies in each number. The light up numbers are a great way to express a birthday milestone or promote an anniversary or something else special.

All glow furniture hire is battery powered, so there is no need to run lengthy power leads. The batteries last up to approximately 6-8 hours. Each glow piece is operated by a remote control which has multiple settings of colour control and style. Our glow furniture is easy to operate and light weight to carry.

The Glow Numbers hire comes fully charged prior to delivery for you to enjoy.

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