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Glow Pillar Hire
  • Glow Pillar Hire
  • A group of colorful stools and tables in a tent available for Glow Pillar Hire.
  • Glow Pillar Hire - A tent with colorful lights and a table in the grass.
  • A large tent with people standing in front of it, illuminated by glowing pillars at night.
  • A pink backdrop with the number 21 on it, available for Glow Pillar Hire.

Glow Pillar Hire


DescriptionOur Glow Pillar hire is great for lighting entrance way or as a decorative piece
UsageOur Glow Pillar Hire is can use for decorative or can place small lightweight items on top
AvailabilityOur Glow Pillars is available to hire in Sydney

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Our Glow Pillars hire is the perfect choice for creating a stunning entrance. With our Glow Pillars hire you can line a passageway, an entrance to an event, a catwalk or place them around a function room for something fun and different. Our Glow Pillars hire are a cylinder shape with a flat top, allowing you to place something on top like a vase if you wish.

All glow furniture is battery powered, so there is no need to run lengthy power leads. The batteries last up to approximately 6-8 hours. Each glow piece is operated by a remote control which has multiple settings of colour control and style. Our glow furniture is easy to operate and light weight to carry.

The Glow Pillars comes fully charged prior to delivery for you to enjoy.

Glow Pillars Hire Features

  • Great for lighting an entrance way
  • The glow pillars are 114cm tall with a circumference of approximately 39cm
  • You can place something light on the pillar like a vase or other decorative item if you wish
  • Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control

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