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Glow Sphere Hire – 20cm
  • Glow Sphere Hire – 20cm
  • A vibrant ball sitting on a table at a convention, illuminated by a Glow Sphere.
  • A table is set up with a blue Glow Sphere Hire ball
  • Kids playing with glowing balls in a backyard rented from Glow Sphere Hire - 20cm.
  • Sydney Glow Sphere Hire – 20cm.
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Glow Sphere Hire – 20cm


DescriptionSmall decorative Glowing Sphere at 20 cm circumference
UsageGreat alone as a table centrepiece or decorative item
AvailabilityOur 20cm Glow Sphere to hire in Sydney & Melbourne

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Our Glow Sphere hire is the perfect accessory to add a touch of magic to your event or venue. Measuring 20cm in diameter, this glowing sphere is the perfect centrepiece for your table setting.

Our Glow Sphere hire is perfect for indoor and outdoor events of all types, our Glow Sphere hire is highly versatile, making it perfect for a variety of settings, including weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. Our glow spheres are commonly used as table centrepieces for dining tables, coffee tables or cocktail tables, or be used as decor on bars, gift tables and more.

All glow furniture hire is battery powered, so there is no need to run lengthy power leads. The batteries last up to approximately 6-8 hours. Each glow piece is operated by a remote control which has multiple settings of colour control and style. Our glow furniture is easy to operate and light weight to carry.

The Glow Sphere Hire comes fully charged prior to delivery for you to enjoy.

Glow Sphere Hire Features

  • Glow sphere- 20cm
  • 20cm circumference
  • Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
  • Long lasting internal battery so you don't see any cords- up to 8 hours