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Glow Square Plinths


Width 45cm
Depth 45cm
Height 110cm
Price $50.00
Description Can be used as a plinth for small light items or a square cocktail table
Usage Perfect for cocktail events, a product launch, red carpet event

Glow Square Plinths are the perfect choice for creating a stunning entrance. You can line a passageway, an entrance to an event, a catwalk or place them around a function room for something fun and different. They are a cylinder shape with a flat top, allowing you to place something on top like a vase if you wish.

The Glow Square Plinths can be set to stay on one colour, or made to slowly fade between colours or flash fast. They are wireless and are lit up by an internal lighting system that is battery operated. This means they have no cords so they can be placed anywhere without any safety concerns from electrical cords.