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Green Laser Light Hire
  • Green Laser Light Hire
  • A small stage light with a green laser on it.
  • A mesmerizing image of a vibrant green laser light illuminating a captivating black background.
  • Rent a mesmerizing green laser beam for your next event in a dimly lit room.
  • Hire a green laser light for your stage in a dark room.
  • Green Laser Light Hire on a dark stage.
  • Green Laser Light video splash image

Green Laser Light Hire


DescriptionShoots out an array of green laser beams, and will move to the beat of the music, create patterns and effects
UsageOur green laser will enhance your home parties, bars, dance parties, and event spaces
AvailabilityOur green laser is available to hire in Sydney & Melbourne

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Introducing the Green Laser Light for hire by Party Hire Group, the perfect addition to your next event! This state-of-the-art laser is designed to create an unforgettable experience for your guests, adding a touch of excitement and energy to any event.

What makes the green laser sought after is, its compact form and ease of use. Just plug the unit in and let the spectacle unfold before your very eyes. Enhance your home parties, bars, dance parties, or just have fun creating a fun atmosphere at home. Its powerful beam can be projected over a wide area, making it perfect for lighting up dance floors, stages, and event spaces.

The green laser light hire shoots out an array of green laser beams, and will move to the beat of the music and create patterns and tunnel effects. For the ultimate effect, Combine the green laser with our smoke machine to highlight the laser beams for a better effect.

Our laser lighting Sydney & Melbourne is available to hire