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JBL Bluetooth Speaker Hire
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JBL Bluetooth Speaker Hire


DescriptionLightweight and easy, requires power, Bluetooth ready
UsageFor indoor and outdoor events such as presentations, house parties, corporate events, weddings and more.

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The JBL bluetooth speaker hire is a powered PA system that delivers pro-sound quality with a bluetooth integration. This bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music, sound tracks and backing tracks.There is also a one-touch ducking system that automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected. This bluetooth speaker hire makes it the ideal speaker for speeches and presentations. It is very easy to use and set up speakers where experience is not required. It delivers powerful & high-quality audio and has a built-in automatic feedback suppression. This automatically stops feedback before it starts, ensuring you and your guests’ ears are well protected.

We offer delivery of this bluetooth speaker hire but pick up is also an option. Pick up is made easy as they are lightweight and compact. Its ergonomic handles will make transport a breeze. Saving you the hassle of hauling a huge system but with amazing and crystal-clear sound.

Our DIY Party Speaker is a common bundle clients often hire.