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Lectern With Sound System, Ready To Use
  • Lectern With Sound System, Ready To Use
  • A room with a tv and speakers for an immersive audiovisual experience.
  • stage, room
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Lectern With Sound System, Ready To Use


WidthLectern is 62cm
DepthLectern is 49cm
HeightLectern is 116cm
DescriptionLectern with 2x 12" speakers with stands, 1x mixer and 1x corded mic
UsageOur Lectern With Sound System is perfect for presentations and award ceremonies requiring audio
AvailabilityOur Lectern With Sound System is available to hire in Sydney & Melbourne

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Do you require a lectern and speaker hire for your next event? Are you organising a conference, seminar, or any other event in Sydney or Melbourne where you need to ensure clear and effective communication?

Our lecterns and speakers are the perfect solution for any event that requires a professional and clear delivery of speeches, presentations or lectures. Our lecterns are sleek and elegant, providing the perfect stage for your presenters to deliver their messages with confidence and authority.

We offer a range of audio PA Packages to suit all event types and budgets. Whether you need a basic setup for a small seminar or just a single speaker and microphone, we have you covered.

At Party Hire Group, we are committed to ensuring that your event is a success, and that every message is delivered loud and clear. So why not make your next event in Sydney a success with our Lectern and Speaker Hire service? Contact us today to learn more about our packages, and let's work together to make your event a success!

  • With Shure lectern, corded microphone, mixer and a pair of 12 inch speakers on stands (complete package ready to use)