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Partition Hire
  • Partition Hire
  • A display of art in a black frame available for hire.
  • Partitions being hired at a Sydney cricket club
  • A partition hire room with tables and chairs.

Partition Hire


DescriptionOur Partition hire is upholstered in dark grey/black fabric, feet's, stable, freestanding
UsageOur Partition hire is perfect for meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations
AvailabilityOur Partitions is available to hire in Sydney

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Our Partition hire panels are commonly used to divide up large spaces, such as conference halls, exhibition venues, and office buildings. Our partitions are often hired for events, trade shows, and other temporary setups where a flexible and customisable layout is needed.

Our Partition panels for hire are freestanding and can be moved around as needed, they are also commonly hired for branding or to display artworks at schools and galleries.

Our partition panel hire are approximately 1.8m in height and 1.2m wide and come with feet, making them stable and freestanding.

Our partition panel hire Sydney is available to hire

Overall, partition panels for hire offer a flexible and versatile solution for dividing up large spaces and creating customised layouts for a wide range of events and setups.