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Popcorn Machine Hire - Package 4 (200 Serves)
  • Popcorn Machine Hire - Package 4 (200 Serves)
  • A red and white popcorn bag deliciously filled with freshly popped popcorn on a white background.
  • A pile of corn on a white background, ideal for Popcorn Machine Hire.
  • A yellow container with a lid on a white background, perfect for Popcorn Machine Hire - Package 4 (200 Serves).
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Popcorn Machine Hire - Package 4 (200 Serves)


DescriptionPopcorn machine, self operating with salted butter, corn kernels & 200x popcorn bags
UsageOur popcorn machine hire (200 serves) is perfect for birthdays, corporate events and more
AvailabilityOur popcorn machine hire is available in Sydney & Melbourne

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Cardboard popcorn boxes Upgrade to 200x Popcorn Boxes (+$100.00)

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Make your event unique with our popcorn machine hire in Sydney and Melbourne. Imagine delicious cinema like popcorn at your next event with our Popcorn Machine Hire Package 4 (200 Serves)

With our popcorn machine hire, it's the ideal treat for events including birthdays, carnivals, fetes, corporate events, movie nights and more

Hire your popcorn machine today! Your guests will thank you for this treat you are serving up at your event!

Our Popcorn Machine Hire Package 4 includes:

  • A commercial grade popcorn machine that churns out piping hot, buttery popcorn.
  • Popcorn kernels for 200 servings.
  • Flavourful popcorn butter salt.
  • 200 x Popcorn bags for easy serving (or upgrade to our stylish popcorn boxes).

Why not also hire our slushie machines and make it a fun and tasty event !

*Please note: Our popcorn machine hire is designed for self operating and requires access to 220-240V power & sturdy benchtop or table