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White Silk Drape Hire (3mx3m)
  • Silk white drapes for hire in Sydney
  • Ou silk white backdrop drapes being used at a baby shower
  • Our silk white drapes being used as a backdrop at a wedding reception

White Silk Drape Hire (3mx3m)


WidthAdjustable from 1.8m - 3m
DepthWeight Plates - 45cm
HeightAdjustable from 1.8m - 3m
DescriptionWhite Silk Pipe and Drape Backdrop
UsagePerfect to use as a backdrop behind head tables, photo booths and more.
AvailabilityOur white silk drape hire is available to hire in Sydney

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Our premium White Silk Drape Hire offers a delicate touch, perfect for softening backdrops or head tables.

Our White silk drapes are an event planner's dream, adaptable for a wide range of events including weddings, theatrical productions, conferences, exhibitions, photo booths, and more.

The natural edges and rod pockets allow for effortless installation with our easy-to-use pipe and drape system. The lightweight frame is modular and expandable, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. Simply adjust the width (from 1.8m to 3m) and height (from 1.8m to 3m) to create the ideal backdrop.


  • Sheer White Silk Drapes (3m drop)
  • Lightweight Pipe and Drape System
  • Adjustable Width (1.8m - 3m)
  • Adjustable Height (1.8m - 3m)
  • Sturdy Steel Base Plates (13kg, 45cm x 45cm)

Our White Silk Drape Hire in Sydney is often paired with our bridal tables to create a stunning backdrop.