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Wishing Well Hire
  • Wishing Well Hire
  • A table adorned with pink flowers and gift boxes, perfect for your Wishing Well Hire event.
  • A table with pink flowers and gifts on it, perfect for your Wishing Well Hire event.

Wishing Well Hire


Width80 cm
Depth35 cm
Height32 cm
DescriptionWhite traditional wishing well
UsageOur white wishing well hire is perfect for a variety of events including weddings & engagements
AvailabilityOur White Traditional Wishing Well is available in Sydney

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Need a wishing well hire? Introducing the Traditional Wishing Well hire by Party Hire Group, the perfect addition to your next event

This wishing well hire is ideal for weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and any other occasion where you want to create a memorable and unique experience. Guests can write their wishes, congratulations, gifts of monetary value or advice on cards and drop them into the wishing well, making it a fun and interactive way to involve everyone in the celebration.

Our wishing well hire looks unique on any gift table, your guests can pop their card or envelope through the slot and at the end of the night you can empty the contents out to take home with you. Moreover you are welcome to decorate our wishing well with flowers or ribbon.

At Party Hire Group, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our wishing well hire is affordable and perfect for any budget, making it an excellent choice for events of all sizes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of tradition and magic to your next event in Sydney. Contact Party Hire Group today to book our Wishing Well hire and make your event one to remember!

80cm x 32cm x 35cm
Our wishing well hire comes with a small padlock and Key.

Our Traditional Wedding Well Hire is Available to Hire in Sydney