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Space Heaters

If you wish to heat a large area, then the space heater could be the solution. This heater works on both electricity and gas. An LPG tank connects to the heater and an internal fan powered by electricity pushes the hot air out. A small open flame inside the heater generates the warmth.

The space heater is great for heating large areas like a warehouse, large store room or marquee. It can also be used for drying and curing purposes. For more information about this heater in Sydney or Melbourne, please call or email.

Space Heater Hire w/ 9kg Gas Included

Space Heater Hire w/ 9kg Gas Included

Description1x Space heater, uses electricity and gas, internal fan can be noisy. 1x Gas Bottle Included
UsageOur space heater hire is great for heating large spaces, warehouses, marquees, drying carpet
AvailabilityOur space heater is available to hire in Sydney & Melbourne
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