If you’ve already decided that you want to use Tiffany Chairs at your event, the next thing you are probably considering is what colours are available and which should you choose.

There are five standard Tiffany Chair colours and cushion combinations available through Party Hire Group.

1. White Tiffany Chair
This is the most popular Tiffany Chair colour because of it’s versatility to compliment nearly any decor or colour scheme.

Source: https://www.partyhiregroup.com.au/product/white-tiffany-chair/

2. Black Tiffany Chair
Perfect for more sophisticated function of event, the black Tiffany Chair adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Black Tiffany Chair Hire

Source: https://www.partyhiregroup.com.au/black-tiffany-chair/

3. Gold Tiffany Chair
The Gold Tiffany Chair comes in a champagne colour which looks classy in any setting. Whether it’s a formal or casual affair, the Gold Tiffany Chair always looks great.

Gold tiffany chair hire

Source: https://www.partyhiregroup.com.au/gold-tiffany-chair/

4. Silver Tiffany Chair
Popular for corporate and larger event, Silver Tiffany Chairs are a popular choice to hire.

Source: https://www.partyhiregroup.com.au/silver-tiffany-chair/

5. Clear (also referred to as ‘ghost’ or ‘crystal’) Tiffany Chair
The ‘Ghost’ Tiffany Chair is becoming a well loved colour choice for chair hire at events, especially weddings.

Source: https://www.partyhiregroup.com.au/clear-tiffany-chair/