The Tiffany Chair is historically known as the Chiavari chair, from it’s northwest Italian origins of built by cabinet marker Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi in his home town of Chiavari. Latin America and Mexico later coined the term “Tiffany Chair”.

The Tiffany/Chiavari Chair was recognised for it’s unique design in whereby each component was specifically made for the stress it would carry.  It is constructed with a slot system, as well as a system to tie the seat directly to the frame.

Tiffany chairs have become a popular choice for large events due to their light weight, versatility and classic elegance that suits any styled or themed function.

The common dimension of a Tiffany Chair are overall 91.5cm tall, 37cm deep and the seat width is usually 36cm.

Hire Tiffany Chairs usually have a range or colour options available including, white, black, silver, gold and clear or ghost.

The original timbers used in a Tiffany Chair was cheery and maple, and later also beech and ash, all originally sourced from the countryside forest in Italy. Today most Tiffany Chairs used for events are made from Timber.


Some examples of the classic Tiffany Chair.