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Why Are Tiffany Chairs Popular For Weddings?

Tiffany chairs are a popular style of chair commonly used for formal events such as banquets, guest seating for ceremonies and increasingly for wedding hire.

Originally called ‘Chiavari chairs’ with stylistic appearances originating from the 19th century, Tiffany chairs lend an elegant and regal appearance to event settings but for practicality purposes are also lightweight and can be easily stacked.

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Images of Tiffany Chairs Stacked

tiffany chair stacking


Tiffany Chair Pricing

In addition to their versatility for events, Tiffany chairs are relatively low cost to hire in large quantities. Party Hire Group is Australia’s largest Tiffany chair hire company and chairs can be hired from $9 per chair.

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Tiffany Chair Cushioning

Finally, tiffany chairs are popular for wedding events for the cushioning that can be easily added to the chair base. This is important for long events such as weddings which can have a large and diverse guest list from small children to grandparents.

tiffany chair colours