Turquoise Wire Stool / Turquoise Arrow Stool

The turquoise arrow stool, nick named the turquoise wire stool, is the perfect option for those wanting a funky edge for their event. They have a beautiful turquoise colour, that complements any event space well. We commonly hire the arrow stools for corporate events, birthday parties, cocktail parties and for casual events. We stock a range of cocktail tables and hairpin tables that sit at the right height for these stools.

Our turquoise blue arrow stools are kept in premium condition. We provide a delivery service across Sydney, seven days a week. You will be pleased to know we stock large quantities of all our arrow stools, so you can choose one colour or combine them with multiple colours for your next event.

Turquoise Wire Stool / Turquoise Arrow Stool Hire

If you’re planning a cocktail party or looking for a casual seating arrangement, then our wire stool range could be your answer. These stools are ideally used with cocktail tables or tapas tables. The turquoise wire stool is one of our most popular stools and can be used at a variety of functions.


Turquoise Wire stool specifications

Height to seat78cm
Turquoise wire stool height including back110cm
Seat width (widest point)35cm
Seat depth75cm

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