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Our hire department has a range of visual options. We have everything from projectors and screens, through to tv’s. All our tv’s come on a truss stand, or you can just have it as a stand alone screen.

If you require anything more advanced, please contact our team.

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Tripod screen (2m wide x 1.5m tall)

The projector screen is easy to set up and is suitable for an audience of up to 80 people. Great for presentations. 2m wide x 1.5m tall.

2500 Lumens Digital Multi projector

The projector features a short focus lens with auto-focus capabilities. With a 2000 ANSI lumens brightness level and a contrast ratio of 800 to 1, this projector offers clear and colorful images. Suitable for powerpoint presentations.

Rear projection screen

Our rear projection screens are available in various sizes. They are great for events where you don’t have the room or access to project on to the front of the screen. Ideal for viewing sporting events, music events and presentations.

Price depends on size. Please enquire.


Samsung 50 inch HD Plasma TV

This screen is great for general viewing. Ideal for trade shows and small presentations.

Sharp 40 inch full HD LED TV

This screen offers crystal clear clearity. Its compact in size but still offers a good sized picture. Ideal for trade shows and small presentations.

Sharp 52 inch HD LED TV

This screen offers crystal clear clarity. Its large in size good size and is ideal for trade shows and small presentations.

Sony Bravia 55 inch full HD LED 3D TV

This screen is the latest in technology. It has 3D capabilities and offers LED technology for optimum colour and clarity. Great for larger events and presentations or trade shows where you want to attract attention.

A little more about our TV/Projector hire

A projector is a great way to present some information or show a powerpoint presentation in a large size. We have a range of different projectors for hire in Sydney. Our projectors have good clarity so you can ensure that your presentation is projected clearly. We have a range of different sized screens to project your presentation on a good flat clean surface.

When hiring a projector, please let us know what you are connecting the projector to as different computers require different cords.

If you don’t want to use a projector, we also hire out TV’s on stands. These are great for conferences, trade shows and corporate events. We have a range of sizes available for hire in Sydney.