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Types of Chair Hire In Sydney

When looking to organise chair hire for an event, you will firstly need to consider the type of chair that is suitable for your event. For formal events, ranges such as tiffany chairs, victorian chairs, chanel chairs and wire mesh chairs are suitable choices that will impress guests and create an upmarket experience.

Selecting chairs for your Sydney event

Ranges such as folding chairs, Tolix stools or wire stools are great choices for informal or casual events where your chairs may be placed outside, or you want to create a relaxed atmosphere that does not involve sit down dining. Stools placed for standing or cocktail tables at your event can accommodate a larger number of guests, while chairs with high backs can take up more space and be more appropriate for conferences or canape receptions.

Does your event have a theme?

It can be easy to get carried away with all the beautiful furniture and décor that’s available, but the first thing you need to do is define your overall style: otherwise, you’ll end up hiring a red lounge with velvet red lamps and a green dining table (classic clashing colours)

Some popular themes include tropical, boho, rustic, modern gold luxe, or even classic black and white dual tones. Once your have theme nailed down, our choice of chair hire can be selected easier with little

Don’t forget the little details

Hosting a celebration is all about the extra little details that will help bring your theme to life – such as party decorations, tableware, centrepieces, arbours and backdrops, signage, and even a photo booth. You can hire just about anything now for your event (including your wedding dress!)

However, there are a few exceptions. Generally speaking, anything that you want customised will need to be bought, for obvious reasons. Just some of the things you will need to buy for your event include:

Do these details and extra’s ties into the theme of hiring chairs? Do colour schemes and styles match if you are using plain white chairs adorned with white flowers? These are questions you should ask to get your event just right. A stylist or professional event coordinator can be a good investment in this regard.

Common chair types for event hire

Stackable and folding chairs – Great for large events when you need to transport a large number of chairs for a large guest list.

Tiffany chairs – Suitable for formal events and creating an elegant theme.

Victorian chairs – Suitable for formal events and sit down dining, creates an upmarket and elegant theme for guests.

Tolix stools – Great for casual, modern events to accompany standing high tables to provide comfort for guests who with to sit, talk and lean.

Wire and mesh chairs – Adds a modern and casual twist for indoor and outdoor events such as BBQs, or garden parties.