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Table Linen Hire for Events

Linen table hire is probably the last item on your party hire list, if it's lucky enough to have made your list at all! The importance and value of having prepared table linen at your event shouldn't be mistaken for how often it's overseen as an action point on your to do list.

Here's why linen is a must have for any event with tables.

Table Linen Hire for Events

It's the finishing touch

We're ironically kicking off this list with noting that table linen is in fact the finishing touch to your event presentation. It's the final, subtle piece that is as functionally important as it is aesthetically pleasing. Have you ever tried setting a table for 100 people on plastic top? It doesn't look good. There's a reason why ‘setting the table' has stood the test of time! Table linen is essential for your table to be presentable.

Table linen is a part of your decor

Like your flower arrangements, colour scheme, lighting and chairs, table linen is an essential part of your event decor. A neutral white table linen is a very different choice to a pop colour, and whichever you go with will dramatically influence the whole style and theme of your event. When deciding, you should consider your table linen in the entirety of your event decor, i.e. The colour of your chairs, place settings, flowers and lighting.

If you find white table linen to be too plain, you can always add a splash of colour with a table runner, or even the serviettes as part of your plate setting.

Table Linen Hire for Events

Linen hire is necessary if you have adjoining long tables

To put it simply, having adjoining tables and not using table linen looks unkept. When using long tables for dining, table linen can create an illusion of not really knowing where each new table begins or ends. This has a way of providing a more inclusive atmosphere of feeling like you belong to one long table with everyone, then divisions throughout the room.

Table Linen Hire for Events

The trick to this is to actually not separate the tables at the ends that join, but keep the linen on top so that it overlaps onto each other. This will ensure there's no ‘splits' down the side of the table which make the divisions more obvious.

It's not easy to organise linen table hire at the last minute

Round tables, trestle tables, bar tables, coffee tables… that's a lot of different tables, which means different sizes and therefore different linen dimensions! As soon as you've locked in your table hire, it's easiest to sort your linen hire at the same time.

Whilst it might seem like an easy last minute job, consider knowing off hand the sizes and dimensions of all your tables, how many you need, those that adjoin and those that don't. Hiring your table linen at the same time as hiring tables is much easier to ensure you have everything you need exactly before any last minute panic.


Table linen makes the pack down and clean up much quicker and easier

Even though you may be busy now thinking about setting up your event, the pack down is also a consideration factor. Keeping things as streamlined as possible will be a saving grace when it comes to packing down your event once the party has come to it's final end. Table linen is a great solution to simply strip the table tops and return the used linen to your hire supply. A much quicker solution than wiping down every surface!

With the right selection, table linen hire brings your event together

It might sound far fetched, but quality and nicely set table linen is the unsung hero in an event space. Whilst table linen might be the last thing on your list when it comes to event styling, it has a significant impact on the overall theme of your room. If your event is mostly a sit down affair with tables and chairs, consider how much floor space your table linen actually occupies! That doesn't mean you need to choose fancy designs, in fact usually less is more if you have other features that you want to stand out. It does however mean that you should consider your choice of table linen holistically, and how it thematically compliments your event style throughout.

For more details on table linen hire, check out Party Hire Group for the best hire options and rates.