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2024 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

The world of weddings is always changing! Year by year, new trends are emerging. Staying on top of these trends can be challenging but it is a great opportunity to inspire your wedding day! 2023 is winding down and 2024 is just around the corner. It is the perfect time to explore what's in trend for weddings next year and choosing the right furniture rentals to complement your chosen style.

1. Seated Bridal Parties

One trend that has been steadily gaining popularity throughout 2023, is the concept of seated bridal parties. We also see this continuing into the new year. Traditionally, bridesmaids and groomsmen stand throughout the wedding ceremony. However, having your bridal party seated during the ceremony is a modern twist. The addition of this trend adds an element of comfort and contemporary elegance for your customer and venue space. Your bridesmaids in high-heels, will especially appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

Though seated bridal parties call for more wedding chairs to buy or hire but that's where Party Hire Group comes in. We specialise in wedding chairs and we are here to help you select the most comfortable and stylish options to suit your wedding theme. Depending on your wedding theme, you should choose wedding chairs that will complement your wedding decor. One recommendation we stand by is our Tiffany Chair hire range, including the elegant White Tiffany Chair hire. This chair hire exudes timeless charm with its vintage spindle backrest and cushioned seating, ensuring both your bridal party and wedding guests feel relaxed and at ease on your special day.

A seated bridal party using Tiffany chairs

2. Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black bridesmaid dresses have been quietly making their presence in recent years. As monochromatic wedding themes remain in trend,we are seeing this reflect onto the dresses of bridesmaids. Influencing the bridesmaids' attire, black dresses offer a timeless, versatile, and striking contrast to the bride's white gown.

In an era increasingly focused on environmentally-friendly fashion, the ability for bridesmaids to re-wear their black dresses is a big advantage. If you're considering a monochromatic wedding theme, black could be an excellent choice.

When it comes to wedding furniture rentals, we offer a range of black wedding furniture to perfectly complement your monochromatic theme. We provide not only Tiffany chair hire in black but also the chic and sophisticated Black Padded Folding chair hire. This sleek black chair adds an element of elegance to your black monochrome theme and offers a stable seat with a comfortable black padded cushion for additional comfort, making it the ideal choice for your black monochromatic wedding theme.

Black Tiffany chairs being used for a wedding reception

3. Embracing Bold & Vibrant Colors

One of the major wedding trends for 2024 is the use of bold and vibrant colour schemes. In contrast to monochromatic palettes, couples are opting to infuse their wedding decor with pops of vivid colour, be it in the form of vibrant yellow floral table centrepieces or colourful roof styling. Incorporating bright hues into your decor or attire can infuse your wedding with energy and joy.

For a touch of colour, consider our Turquoise Wire Arrow chair hire as your seating option. If you're going for a turquoise or pastel look, our turquoise chair hire is the perfect choice. Its clean lines add modern elegance to your wedding day, making it a great chair to create a whimsical and fresh atmosphere, especially for weddings during the summer and spring seasons.

Beautiful flowers on a bridal party table

4. Impactful Floral Arrangements

Bold and dramatic floral arrangements are all the rage, and they will take centre stage in 2024. Smaller bouquets for the bride and bridal party have become a trend, but what truly makes a floral arrangement impactful is the effect it has on the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Consider using vibrant colours or unique flower types.

Giving floral table centrepieces to your guests is also gaining popularity as a way to be environmentally-friendly and express your appreciation for your loved ones. These arrangements can even be dried and preserved as keepsakes. Another timeless tradition is adorning wedding chairs with floral decorations. To complement your floral-themed wedding, attach small floral bouquets to your wedding chairs.

Our Tiffany chair hire range is the perfect choice for incorporating floral decorations. With a classic backrest, you can easily attach small bouquets or floral wreaths to it. Another idea is to wrap a sash around the backrest with a small floral bouquet. If you're a bride who loves flowers, don't hesitate to go big and bold with your floral decor.