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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest is a great tool for so many things. From finding new recipes to home renovation projects and organisational tips, there's no limit to what you can find on the platform. That is especially true when it comes to wedding inspiration and ideas. There is literally thousands of content on Pinterest surrounding events and weddings. A simple search of bridal hairstyles returns thousands of results, making it overwhelming to use the platform for wedding planning inspiration and tips.

Pinterest is full of great content that certainly can aid in the wedding planning process if it's used correctly, and you don't feel overwhelmed. Here we have some tips to use interest to plan your wedding without feeling intimidated and inundated with information.

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

1. Pin Everything You Love

The first thing you should do to use Pinterest effectively to plan your wedding is to simply pin everything you love that you see related to weddings. Create a wedding inspiration board on your profile and just pin away without worrying about organisation or restrictions.

2. Study What You Pinned

Next, examine everything you pinned to your “Wedding Inspiration” Board and look for similarities among the pins. Things to look out for is common colour schemes, same style of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, maybe you pinned very similar themed weddings? Also examine what type of wedding you're more drawn to; maybe you pinned more outdoor wedding ceremonies than you did church ceremonies or marquee weddings as opposed to indoor venues. Noticing the similarities between your pins will tell a lot about your interests in planning for your big day.

3. Sorting & Narrowing it Down

It's the time to sort what you've pinned to your “Wedding Inspiration” board into categorised wedding boards. Create boards titled into categories such as flowers, furniture, dresses, hairstyles, ceremony, reception, etc.

After a few days or each week, take another pass at each board you created and delete pins that don't particularly appeal to you as much as you had originally thought, Aim to have approximately 10-20 pins per board over time to give you a more cohesive visions of what your wedding day to look like.

The sorting and narrowing it down process will help you to get organised for what you will aim to use as your planning inspiration and can also serve as a tool to share with your wedding suppliers once you book them so they can get a sense as to what you're looking for.

4. Find Wedding Blogs & Suppliers You Love

You have found all the images to envision your wedding day, but where do you start the planning process? That's one of the things that makes Pinterest so great; most individual pins link directly to the website or blog where the photo originated from. Click on a few pins each day to see the website they lead to. You will soon find some great forums, blogs, and websites of suppliers that are extremely helpful in planning your wedding, from there you can bring your pinterest boards to life.

5. When to Stop Pinning

Pinning can be quite addictive but be sure to set a date ahead of your wedding where you'll stop pinning all the inspiration and ideas you come across. There will come a point where you can't keep adding more and more ideas and to your wedding and there is several factors why, you will get confused, budgeting and time constraints. Pick a date, around three or four months out from your wedding, to stop pinning.

6. Use Secret Boards

Some brides may feel hesitant to use Pinterest because they don't want their friends and followers to see all their wedding inspiration, that may spoil some of the details for the wedding day. You can easily create “secret boards” on Pinterest that keep everything you're pinning private – only for your eyes. This way, you're the only one who can see these ideas unless you directly share the board with those helping with your planning process.


Pinterest can be an overwhelming tool but if you use it correctly, it's incredibly useful when it comes to planning your wedding, but why wait for your wedding? You can also apply the same concept to different events such as birthday parties, festivals, Christmas parties, engagements and corporate events.

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