White Wire Chair And White Arrow Chair

The white wire chair, which is also known in the industry as the white arrow chair, is a unique chair that offers a funky look. The chair is very popular with corporate events and weddings, and even dinner parties. They are stylish and modern and are sure to create a great image for your event. A white padded cushion can also be provided for extra comfort for an additional $2 per chair.

We deliver the wire chairs all across Sydney and have a range of coloured stools and other chairs for hire. If you’re looking for tables, we also have matching wire tables to go with it.

White Wire Chair And White Arrow Chair hire

White wire chairs are available for hire in Sydney. Our wire chairs are the newest addition to our range and are very popular. They are a funky design and offer a high end feel. A white cushion can be provided for a small additional cost, or you can use as is.


White wire chair dimensions

White wire chair specifications

White wire chair height to seat78cm
White wire chair height including back110cm
Seat width (widest point)35cm
Seat depth75cm

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