Tiffany Chair Hire

The Tiffany chair is also known as the Chiavari chair. This is because of the Italian town it’s designer lived and here the first factories producing the chair originated. In 2016 the chair is the most common one hired for weddings in Sydney and Melborune. It has become the iconic wedding chair because of celebrities around the globe featuring gold tiffany chairs it at their lavish ceremonies.

This chair projects stunning elegance and its beauty helps to create a wedding reception, engagement party or corporate event that visually leaves a lasting impression. Stemming from an Italian design from the 18th century, the design and style of the tiffany chair is timeless.

Today, tiffany chairs are available in white, silver, gold, black and clear. The most popular colour is the white tiffany chair. They come with a cushion that provides extra comfort, which is also removable. They are hired in quantity for weddings, engagement parties or the array of general corporate functions. They are also hired in small numbers for boutique events such as kitchen teas or baby showers. What ever the event they add and create elegance at any event.


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